The Party needs to change.

Howard Dean was right, a 50 state strategy does reap dividends for any political party. We need to treat all communities Democratic or Republican relevant for the soil for political change.

Democratic Party has done it especially in California with Congressional District 11, and we have done it in the past with Assembly Districts 78 and 80. Now is the time to make sure the Democratic Party can not pass legislation without any roadblocks.

The news media and the blogosphere have been reluctant to focus attention on contests that are from the safe Republican or Democratic constituencies, but if redistricting has not been kind to the party we have to make light with what we have.

The Republican base is reluctant to water down the party platform, but not all districts fit in with the politics of the most conservative constituencies. However if we focus on bread and butter issues we could make the marginal districts Republican represented.

There are over a half dozen districts the Republicans could invest their money to make contests to make the Democratic party incumbents and anointed challengers drain their money instead of waiting for November to be coroneted.  

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