Buyer Beware from Pomona resident

As a public service at Inland Utopia, we will post stuff about the front runner in the Democratic Party primary for Assembly District 61.

March 28, 2008 letter in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

My wife and I voted for Norma Torres when she ran for City Council several years ago. She made lots of promises about how she would improve our neighborhoods. We called her several times after her election to complain about the lack of city upkeep around our home, but we could never get her to return the call or take care of the problem. When she ran for mayor, she also made lots of promises to the public about how she would improve the city. Things have only gotten worse in Pomona – but then again, we no longer believed her promises and refused to vote for her.

Now, she wants voters from Ontario, Chino and Montclair, along with Pomona, to elect her to the state Assembly. She will make lots of promises regarding how she will help improve our state!

All we’ve seen is someone who will promise anything in order to personally benefit, but is too busy running for office to do anything to help the taxpayer that got her elected.


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