We control the destiny of Omnitrans

A reader was bemoaning the lack of understanding on how routes get added or adjusted in western San Bernardino county’s public transportation system. Due to the lack of funding from state and federal government sources, Omnitrans has to make do with the funding they have to provide the needed service they offer.

It may be annoying when bus routes are changed where it becomes more of an inconvenience to get from point A to point B, but there are solutions in how things could improve when there are future changes to their route system.

Attend meetings when the agency invites for public input and explain why the route needs to keep its original routing. Tell your friends and family to try the bus system to get to the Inland Valley’s various destinations such as the Victoria Gardens or the Pomona Antique Mall.

With extra ridership and an increase in farebox revenue, Omnitrans will be able to provide the public transportation service the Inland Valley depends on for the last thirty years to the fullest of its ability.

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  1. Yes… I was trying to help stimulate discussion on my own local blog. We need good healthy transportation options, but government money is at a premium.

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