McCain and the GLBT Community

I was reading Gay Patriot, and they were discussing how it would be integral for Log Cabin to make an endorsement for his run for president in the general election, and failing to endorse the Republican in the 2008 election would make the organization politically useless.

There are valid reasons for Republican and Independent minded gay and lesbian voters to either vote for McCain or oppose him in November. The argument the west coast editor mentioned is that the reason why most of the voters who are gay and vote Republican is, they support his efforts on the war against Islamic fascism.

Although life may not be perfect for the gay and lesbian equality supporter, there are others in nations unlike ours that have it worse. Iran hangs and persecutes its gay population for example.

Log Cabin thought in 2004, that exit polls would show that support for President Bush would go from 25 percent to 9 percent, but the results in the 2004 election were identical in his support in 2000. I was one of the few who believed that how can we enjoy liberty or the liberty we have when we have radicals who are much more hostile than our opposition ready to terrorize our nation.

Gay Patriot West mentions that with so much at stake on the war on terror, it is absurd that a "Republican" organization needs a town hall meeting to decide if endorsing McCain would be the responsible decision for the organization

For the  opposition to endorsing McCain there are good arguments for not endorsing his candidacy. If we thought McCain would be a free thinking independent minded Republican, right after he clinches the nomination he decides to get in bed with some of the radical thinkers of the religious right. For example Ohio preacher Rod Parsley would advocate for criminal prosecution of adulterers, which would ironically include McCain. While McCain’s other leading pastor John Hagee believes that Hurricane Katrina was the "Judgement of god against the city of New Orleans".

Although McCain may be an advocate against a Federal Marriage Amendment, he was a vocal supporter of California’s Proposition 22 and Arizona’s Super Marriage Protection Amendment and count on him if the California Super Marriage Protection Amendments pass to campaign for them too.

If McCain could juggle the traditionalists and the modernists, maybe he could restore his reputation as a maverick.  Society as a whole is not going to accept equality in marriage right now, but society right now supports the Employment Non Discrimination Act when pollsters asked Republican and Democratic voters. Maybe McCain could take gradual steps towards equality and towards victory.

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