One thing that has pissed me off in politics is the lack of timely communication from organizations ranging from political parties to issue advocacy groups. I ask groups if there is any assistance can be made for the candidate I am supporting for State Assembly and they do not even give me the time of day even when it is a contested primary.

I remember when the national group the Gun Owners of America asked for my answers for a questionnaire, I filled it out knowing that I honestly had 85% favorable opinions of the issues I cared about during my 2002 campaign waiting for an answer if they would endorse me in the general election. I called the state chapter of the GOA who offered me the questionnaire and I had a loud and nasty woman telling me to stop wasting her time and we are not going to do anything for you.

I did not want any money, I just wanted to find out if I was worthy for an endorsement.

If you do not have time to respond to people in a timely manner, it is always appreciated to send a form letter than to leave people hanging around for a response.

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