Fresh Face for Assembly District 61

Assembly District 61 is going to have a very competitive election. My sense will show that non traditional political thought will dominate both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Long term legislator Nell Soto is unfortunately ill for most of 2007 and has declined to file for State Assembly.

The Republican Party has a challenge between policy analyst Benjamin Lopez, business owner Wendy Maier and pilot / businessman Richard Todd in a district that has not elected a Republican in twelve years. Since we have had partisan gerrymandering Republicans have been deadlocked with only around 37 percent of the vote in the November elections. Various Republicans in political ideology have ran in the past and still have not succeeded despite how much money spent.

But if Shirley Horton and Bonnie Garcia could win their districts perhaps we could implement the same winning magic in Assembly District 61. We have a 12.4 percent differential, but we have to also factor in the 16 percent in decline to state voters. Decline to state voters have varying reasons why they declined to state any partisanship, but we need to tell the voters of the 61st Assembly District that we need to provide solutions for the pressing matters at hand such as education and taxation.

Many blogs and the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin have naturally discounted the Republican Party’s influence on the district, but we should not underestimate the party or its candidates seeking the nomination. It will take communication to reach out to voters who are open to crossing over to the Republican party and to keep Republicans from jumping ship.

We have two months and a half when it comes to the June primary. More developments will follow on Inland Utopia about this upcoming race.


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