The California Republican Party platform

I understand that we need to stick to our principles. However us being so doctrinaire is basically selling the state government to the Democratic Party.
We need to find a consensus that can make us the governing party. We need to be flexible to win elections. We need to find the right message to convert over those Decline to State voters.

I do not think we should lower the bar to allow "Democratic Lite" Republicans like Arnold pass as a Republican. Republicans in marginal districts should not capitulate on the minimum wage, environmental regulation and double taxation as what Craig Deluz previously stated in the Flash Report.

But social issues should be "free votes" based on the constituency you represent. If you represent Palm Springs you may want to vote for GLBT equality legislation, but if you represent Bakersfield you may oppose or abstain. Social and moral issues should simply be up to each individual member of the party and the constituency you may represent.

We need to be a relevant and modern political party, there is not enough conservatives in California to govern without compromise. Yet we can come up with a consensus where we can lead our state to success.

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