Munson for Assembly?

I have decided it would be a futile project for me to become a sacrificial lamb for State Assembly at this point of time. Assembly District 61 is a strange constituency where voters have rejected a liberal, a centrist and a fringe conservative in three consecutive elections. No matter if I threw away $2000 in 2002, Wapner’s $300,000 in 2004 or Lopez’s $15-20 thousand, people will still prefer the Democratic Party.

Even though the state is falling on the brink of fiscal irresponsibility, voters do like the status quo unfortunately. Maybe we need to educate local voters that voting Democratic is a mistake. Maybe re-brand the Republican party.

I think the goal for me is I need to do some educational outreach. Maybe San Bernardino County Republican central committee would be more prudent.

I think my integral solution would be for the Los Angeles County committee to outsource us to work the precincts to boost turnout in the city of Pomona. Increasing the Republican vote in Assembly District 61 would help us in both counties.

My other solution is to increase registration of Republicans in targeted cities to help make the party win more elections in the future, or make reapportionment in 2011 more viable for the party.

Right now the goal will be running for San Bernardino County Republican Central Committee, adding new posts to my official blog, working for the McCain campaign for the Inland Valley and working the media to introduce new political ideas to make our communities better by issuing a booklet and a podcast in the near future.

I am not ashamed being supported by the centrist to liberal bloc of the party. The party needs more perspectives. If the party is limited to the fringe like how the Democratic Party is represented by Code Pink and Move On, we will never be a governing party or a dominant party in Sacramento.

Yes the Republican Party is a conservative oriented political party, but we need to figure out also to respect individual rights of all people despite religion, ethnicity or sexuality.

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