My sinuses

My sinuses have been messed up in recent memory, and it is getting increasingly embarrassing when people think I have a cold all the time and they are fearful as sin in getting my cold, but its just sinitus  plaguing me. I do not want any more steroid shots at 225.00 a series when you are uninsured. Then a customer asks why don’t you get insurance, but even the insurance my company offers for part time employees is rather bare bones and limited. And if I want insurance that helps cover the big costs, I am looking towards having no disposable income to do anything.

I know I am messed up right now, but I honestly can not make any progress unless I change my job and employer.  However I am looking towards a new ear nose and throat doctor. Dr.Watson in Upland was not helpful for my needs, I want results and losing out on 375.00 plus 60.00 for prescriptions, basically killed my budget for the year. I just can not afford to pay for placebo medical treatments.

Even if the doctor found out I had a deviated septum, I would not mind taking out a loan to pay for the procedure. I just want results.

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