Leaving Bank of America

I am probably going to make a protest by taking my money away from Bank of America. I recently moved the majority of my purchases to American Express because they offer me a real good interest rate on my purchases, but the problem is after being a customer of their VISA card for over 6 years they still will not lower my interest rate to something reasonable like 12.99 or 13.99 percent.

My sister got screwed by Bank of America twice, by people using her account number to pay for California Department of Motor Vehicles service fees and America Online bills. Bank of America markets total security for your account, but they give you the annoying runaround.

Then my father got a letter to restructure his debts with a loan with a nice interest rate, but they mention the 8.99 percent, but they do not tell him he got 15.99 percent, and he cashed the check and all the stuff and now he is in a heap load of problems. It would of been honest and responsible for the bank to tell him his loan percentage so he could deny or accept the loan.

However Bank of America decided to lower the APR to 12.99 since his Capital One loan is 14.99 percent, but they would not reverse the cash advance fees, sadly you are charged fees twice, once to access the line of credit and second as interest charges each month. Banks are not stupid institutions.

The decision by the bank staff saved him from canceling his checking account relationship, which I thank them for saving him through.
I think I will need to find out a decent VISA or Mastercard provider that will give me an interest rate under 15 percent and offer a rewards program.

Then I will need to perhaps move to Washington Mutual for my checking needs, even though I still have 250 personal checks still waiting to be used.

Moving my checking account will be messy, but at least I perhaps could change credit cards.

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