Bait and Switch

Since my employer is cutting payroll 33% compared to last year’s scheduled hours I decided to search for a second job.

I was browsing under Hot Jobs for employment opportunities near my home and saw a real good advertisement for Macy’s for seasonal merchandising/freight and I decided to apply for a position.  Since it was advertised as a Monday-Friday job from 6:30-11:00am it was perfect for me. I could work for Macy’s and my current employer.

I was excited for the opportunity to learn about merchandising and putting up freight for the store.

I sent an online application, and got information about the group interview they were going to have. Then I was there to hear that the position I was looking forwards to applying/working and being able to balance with my present job.

But when I entered the conference room in the group interview with over 30 people, they said the job I wanted to apply for would be an On-Call job. Basically your just working for a Macy’s employee discount. 3-4 hours a month, thats very lucid.  More likely it would be 3-4 hours a week due to the Christmas/holiday season, but after the holiday season it would be 3-4 hours a month. LAME

I was expecting 18-22 hours a week, but it seems they were giving the audience the bait and switch in Montclair, California.

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