Drivers Licences for illegals gateway to amnesty

Hillary Clinton during the latest Democratic Party debate helps decode what state senator Gil Cedilo (D-Los Angeles) wanted to do for the last six years.  Drivers licenses for illegal immigrants is the Democratic party goal to letting them break the law and vote in elections by diluting  the value of citizenship. If we want to give drivers licenses for illegals, we need to overturn the motor voter bill. Because all we are doing is giving the Democratic party license to breed new illegal immigrant voters.
Since passing laws in congress for amnesty for illegals is politically unpopular, state legislators and our congress members are trying to pass amnesty gradually under the table. Services such as health insurance and college education should not be given at citizen prices. We should not provide more incentives for illegals to jump the border.

Published Sunday November 4th in the Inland  Valley Daily Bulletin.

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