Donation Disappointments

Recently I donated $20 to the Best Friends Animal Society due to a solicitation in the mail to donate to their animal welfare organization. Rehabbing unwanted animals of all kinds and helping to shelter animals during natural disasters are both worthy goals and I do applaud them for their efforts. I hear their quarterly newsletters with their progress reports and how its vital to donate to them, but there is one negative thing about donating to national organizations. They share their mailing lists with each other where you get solicitations from other groups.

Not all of us have hundreds of dollars to donate to various charities. The ASPCA, the wildlife way station in Southern California and  Alley cat Allies are also other worthy charities to donate to. The problem is how to balance the limited surplus income for my charitable contributions. Who will do the most lasting impact?

I was thinking the local non-kill shelter, the animal control facility will probably be the ones that will receive my money instead. And if you are not hungry for the tax deduction, and you want to donate to the national organizations just give them a money order anonymously instead so they do not clog your mailbox for more money. National organizations also do worthy causes such as promoting animal welfare and animal medical clinics, but for more junk mail added to my mailbox I do not feel like acknowledging them with any money right now. If I want to have those organizations give solicitations to me, then Best Friends Animal Society should ask me before they share my information.

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