Bus Strike?

Omnitrans, Western San Bernardino County’s public transportation provider is facing the threat of a strike. As someone who depends on the service, I hope management and labor work together for an amicable solution. Yes, the drivers of Omnitrans deserve fair and competitive wages. Yes, the drivers of Omnitrans should have decent health care benefits. It may not be a free lunch for health care, but unfortunately out of pocket costs have hit many people in the nation.

How do we pay for it? We could increase fares, but that could depress ridership. But maybe we need to provide bus routes that people want. Ontario Sports Arena park and ride routes so people could attend events and not have to drive or face the traffic, Riverside – Ontario – Montclair full service express route, Montclair to San Bernardino express via the 210. Maybe an online guide of fun things you can do while utilizing the bus service kind of like the automobile club travel guides.

If we can increase ridership, we can increase revenue. More service for the passengers, and more rewards for the employees while still maintaining the required  fare box revenue to government subsidy.

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