Until we listen to Governor Schwartzenegger, California will not fare well electorally. We do not have to adapt 10 out of 10 policies the Democratic party adopts, but we need to fit in with the communities that comprise our state.

Will San Jose voters support candidates who are against gun control, will voters in Santa Barbara support candidates who are not environmentally friendly and will voters in Palm Springs support candidates who are hostile towards the civil rights of GLBT Californians.

Yes, our party has fundamental principles such as fiscal responsibility and being tough on crime. Those are two causes that can bring people across the state together.

I know sticking to our principles is what makes political parties stronger, but looking at maps of previous elections you can figure out why Arnold has a good argument. From Humboldt County to Monterey County the Republican Party needs some outreach.

We do not need to dish out assisted suicide, a 20 dollar a hour living wage, drivers licenses to illegals to attain support from these voters. However by being innovative on issues the Democratic party fares well on, with a Republican play book while taking wedge issues off the table we could focus on the issues that matter most to California.

Compromise is a dirty word to conservative activists in the Republican Party such as Tom McClintock and Lou Sheldon. If we want to remove people like Assemblyman Leno and Speaker Nunez out of leadership, we need moderate and liberal Republicans to represent marginal Republican districts. Politics is all about addition, if we get 41 assembly members and 21 state senators we control the legislature.

People who believe in an inclusive Republican Party MUST do their part by running for their party central committees, running for office in non competitive districts and registering new voters that share our view. This is the prescription for change.

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