A Waste

                This is my post to document my experience in applying for the position of Museum Attendant, for the city museum. I feel that the city needs to reform their human resources policies. It should not take around three months to fill a part time position. It is a waste of money to spend all this time and effort in recruitment when it could take half as much time. The private industry does not take this long for an entry level position.

                If the human resources department was interviewing for police officer or public utilities manager then I could understand a three or four month job search process.

                Also, the pay for any position needs to be discussed during the first interview so the applicant and the city could be up front so there would not be any wasted time during a potential second interview.  If I knew the starting pay would be entry level wage despite my experience and education I would have refused the second interview. All I got during the first interview was never a direct answer; just the city has a formula for compensation. If an applicant has great relevant job experience and education they should be bumped up to the next pay grade to help in recruiting the best for our city.

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