Break These Republican Closet Chains

    Its not fun being a closeted Republican politician these days since Senator Craig (R-ID) got arrested for public sex in an airport restroom and former Congressman Foley’s (R-FL) scandal of sending sexually explicit emails to underage congressional pages.

                Traditionally the political culture of the Republican Party does not mind the services of these individuals, but as soon as they announce their homosexuality they end up becoming persona non grate. Some closeted politicians may have an opposite sex partner also known as a beard so they would appear as “traditionally minded” and some have a same sex partner that they keep secret. However in these modern times we need to stop building facades and live honest lives.

Larry Flynt and Democratic Party activist Michael Rogers want to out politicians because they personally contradict what they stand for from their voting records. The politics of outing has been controversial since journalist Michelangelo Signorile outed magazine publisher Malcom Forbes after his death. However many closeted Republicans have to appease the fringe of their party’s base.  So these closeted Republicans especially the ones who live in conservative districts have to reject any form of equality to the gay and lesbian community.  Unfortunately in the age of the Internet, these politicians are caught between a rock and a hard place.

Even if you are not an elected official most Republicans would prefer that if you are gay and Republican you should be seen, but not heard. I have had comments said to me when I was the first out Republican nominee for the state legislature in the Inland Valley in 2002, “If you stayed in the closet you would have received more votes”. However compared to the nominees in 2004 and 2006 I did receive a higher voter percentage overall.

                Forcing gay Republicans to remain in the closet is the most foolish and self destructive idea that should become obsolete. Yes, the base will have conniptions if you are out of the closet. However people will respect you for being honest with yourself.


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