Disgusted at Amazon.com Marketplace

For the last year I have been selling my used books, movies, music and games to the visitors at Amazon.com. My experience has been above average until I experienced my first disgruntled customer. Customer orders a book on Friday August 10th, purchase happened right after I left for work, so I waited until Monday to ship their book. I packaged it and shipped it on the 13th, and the US Postal Service said it was shipped to their doorstep to their Los Angeles apartment on the 14th.

Then on the 26th, I have received an email from the buyer stating that they never received the book and never received a delivery confirmation number. However right after I shipped their book I sent an email on the 13th with a note that I shipped their book with a delivery confirmation number.

Maybe their email was caught in a spam filter. However If I use half.com or amazon.com marketplace I am going to protect myself by making a form letter to make them aware that they should check their mail and make sure no one steals their packages, and always double check their spam filters in case if important communication is in those folders.

I removed my existing inventory on amazon.com marketplace and will likely migrate it to half.com.

Maybe my buyer allegedly wants a free lunch and is trying to scam amazon.com’s generous customer service policies.


$18.88 down the toilet I guess.

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