Taxation is Social Engineering

Recently California State Assemblyman Charles Calderon (D-Industry) decided to increase taxes on sexually explicit night club acts, items sold by sex shops, hard core pornography and explicit acts in a public place. Since the Democratic Party has expended our pocketbooks to death, they have to come up with a new way of making money to fund their addiction to more government.

Its not about morality when the Assemblyman was inquired about his inspiration for making this bill, but it was about easing the impact of pornography on neighborhoods. It was surprising to hear that Republicans even those who are socially conservative would not want to support this bill. Maybe the Republicans realize that adult entertainment providers employ over 50,000 people in our state and they help drive our economy.

We are already being taxed enough in our state, and Republicans are rightfully aware that this piece of legislation is basically political opportunism  so the Democratic party could paint Republicans as supporters of pornography. Individuals should have the freedom to consume products for and by consenting adults. Republicans may be against tax increases, but Democrats should also stand for personal liberty too.

When I was taking my Politics and Economic Policy class at UC Riverside, I learned that taxation is absolutely designed to change behaviors like encouraging people to go to college so they make student loan interest tax deductible or interest from the mortgage from your home to encourage you to own a home.

Assemblyman Calderon has designed this piece of legislation to address the impact of adult entertainment on society and families, but how about a tax on the sending of money out of the United States to pay for the cost of illegal immigration where our schools and medical facilities are being over burdened would be a more prudent tax.

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