A Safari for Windows

    I am a big enthusiast for trying out new software for my computer. After Internet Explorer’s reputation for being insecure and resource consuming, I have been using Firefox and Opera regularly for my Internet travels. Apple has recently released their preview edition of Safari for Windows XP and Vista and it seems useful for people who do not want any extra bells and whistles in their web browsing travels.When I am visiting web sites, I just want a browser that consumes less system resources and does not cause other tasks to hang in the process. The best feature in Safari is its feed reader, which rivals Firefox’s feed reader when its only read like a list of bookmarks. Another notable feature in Safari is the go back feature, so you can return to where you came from if the browser or the website redirected you somewhere else.

    Safari is a simple browser, that brings the minimalist ethos of Apple to the masses. My sister does own an Apple computer and she uses the browser because it gets the job done. If you are a technologist you may want to stick with Firefox and its hundred’s of extensions you can utilize to customize your browser.

Although being a beta product, Safari may end up becoming Number 3 in the browser market for Windows computer users.

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