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I am skeptical about supporting Giuliani in the California primary for president. Even though I agree with him on equality of the GLBT population, his position on immigration makes me want to vote for someone else as a protest vote for the next election. Yes we do need immigration reform, but more reform in line with the 1986 reforms will only cause more problems. We are a generous nation, but in the Border States the cost of providing public services to these undocumented (illegal) residents is busting budgets, increasing the strain in our public schools, hospitals and jails.

I would not mind sacrificing the presidency to prove to all Republican nominees for president that you need to be tough as nails on immigration. I may not care for Duncan Hunter’s views on queer issues, but immigration reform is an issue about national security and our national finances. If a conservative such as Duncan Hunter became our nominee he will likely lose in the general election because his views are not as pragmatic.

It seems that we take an opportunity cost for each individual running for president in either political party. I supported Bush for President in 2004 because of his views on national security, but he was weak on equality issues, energy policy and immigration. However If I supported Senator Kerry he would of probably would have been weaker on more issues than President Bush.

We have until February 5th to make our final decisions for who the 43rd congressional district will choose for their presidential choice.

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