Hello readers

This is the May 2007 update with myself and Inland Utopia.

I renewed the site hosting for another year with the people of Siteground, if you need web hosting click on the link on the bottom of the website so you could help support this website with your new subscription. I am hoping to grow my website and hopefully make some small change to have the website support itself.

I snagged tickets to see the legendary Pet Shop Boys at the Hollywood Bowl in September. I hope to see more fantastic musical acts in 2007, I hope my father is surprised by how well they do their 25 years worth of electronic music.

My sister is moving out for awhile so she could go to the University of Nevada Las Vegas for art studies. She decided to go to that school because it was half the price of a leading private art school in Los Angeles and Las Vegas is exciting at the same time.

I am still enjoying my Nintendo Wii. The Wii is a small unit of entertainment, I am able to browse Youtube on my television, play GameCube games and wait for some promising Wii exclusives such as Smash Brothers and The Sims.

If you have any comments about any of my articles they are appreciated. As long as you are not selling prescription drugs or not overtly vulgar comment on.

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