T-mobile Rants

T-Mobile has decided to reduce the functionality of their T-Mobile Web data service. I have enjoyed using the Opera Mini alternate phone web browser and the Google Mail Java interface on my phone. I do not use my minutes as often, and using Google Mail on my phone was my path to communication without using much of my plan minutes.

I do not own a Smartphone, I only own a Motorola RAZR V3T phone and I feel the T-Mobile Total Internet plan is overkill for people who own phones such as mine. I think they need to make a nominal plan that does not include the hot spot access. People who own Blackberries or Smart phones could better utilize the Total Internet plan, but T-Mobile needs to be realistic on how they market their data services. I would not mind paying $11.99 a month to have unrestricted access to Opera Mini and Google Mail for people who own phones such as the RAZR, KRZR, and the Nokia 5300 as examples.

Not all of us have exploited the generosity of T-Mobile, I have never tethered my phone with a PDA or laptop. I just want my functionality on my phone back.

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