Wii the overstatement

I took the gamble for buying a Nintendo Wii, the irony is people are flocking the stores to pick it up and there is no worthy high quality games to go invest your money in until this fall. Right now Twilight Princess, Paper Mario and Excite Truck are the three games worth owning now.

I should of used my original judgment and waited until there was 10 good reasons to own the console. Virtual Console is great, but it has some flaws with how Nintendo uses digital rights management to deal with the downloads and the selection of games avaliable is somewhat lacking now. I would like to see games like Secret of Mana, Earthbound and Vegas Stakes to appear on the Virtual Console.

Right now, the Wii is just an enhanced Gamecube with slightly enhanced processors and graphics. I do understand gameplay helps make the Wii’s games standout from those released for the 360 and PS3, but most of the third party Wii games stink.

I wish I did not shell out the 270 dollars to pick up this system, probably the Xbox 360 would of been my system of choice. However, Microsoft is just unreliable in hardware as in software with the red ring of death and the system’s laser scratching discs.

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