Decline to State and the Republican Party

Decline to States and the Republican Party

Recently Thomas Del Beccaro wrote a column about our growing number of Decline to State voters. “What “Decline to States” Are Telling Us Loud and Clear. The California Republican Party Vice Chairman explores the issue in his essay with the thesis of  “voters register Decline to State when political parties Decline to lead.” this may be true to explain the decline to states in conservative areas. Our party does need to lean on law and order and fiscal responsibility, but we also do need the representation from areas that lean not as conservative as well if we want to attain the majorities in the state legislature.

If we want to win the votes in Long Beach, Pasadena, Glendale,  Redondo Beach, Ontario and the Silicon Valley communities. We need to follow through with the core beliefs that even honest liberal Republicans follow and allow free votes to these legislators on enviroment issues, pro-abortion and homosexual equality legislation to make marginal Republican districts winning Republican districts.

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