A Place at the Table

San Bernardino County does need a centrist Republican Club. The only dominant force in San Bernardino County is the West Valley Republican Assembly, the local chapter of the California Republican Assembly. Problem is you need to fit exactly in their box to fully be a part of their organization. What about the 60 percent or 70 percent conservatives or centrists that do lurk in our party? We do need a place at the table because right now it is an echo chamber in the county party.

Just because you may have one divergent policy position, that should not mean that you are not welcomed in the party. If one is pro-choice or pro-homosexual equality that should not boot you from being part of the party. I believe the California Congress of Republicans is more of an inclusive Republican organization than the California Republican League or the California Republican Assembly. I just do not want to be part of an organization who is unapologetically pro-abortion (CRL) nor I want to be a part of an organization that wants to marginalize gay and lesbian Californians (CRA).

We need to focus on the issues that unite us as Republicans such as: Immigration Reform, a sensible Iraq policy where we do not cut and run and environmental regulation that does not cripple our economy like Arnold’s global warming policies.

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