Marriage in California

Implementing marriage to gay Californians is a responsible policy agenda with AB 43, but SB 11 dilutes marriage for all which should be rejected. Just because my sister lives with her boyfriend in their apartment together does not mean they should get the benefits of marriage if they are not married. However getting out of the marriage business may be the most prudent policy agenda.

Let us just offer civil unions for all Californians, and if you are a straight couple you would be married in the Federal Government’s eyes. There are a good number of people who support relationship rights for gay and lesbian people, but they draw the line at the term marriage. While there are others who would rather have the gay and lesbian population marginalized at all costs for their political and financial gain.

Right now I recommend people calling their legislators for the support of AB 43 (Leno) and for people to oppose SB 11 (Midgen).

Leno’s bill is very symbolic at the moment because he has to worry about Schwarzenegger’s veto pen. The governor wants to wait for a court ruling before the California Supreme Court. The realistic points of action is if the court says Yes, bring on the bill, if the answer is No then we should bring on an initiative to repeal Proposition 22. However most people on the support side agree that having people vote against people’s civil liberties is just plain wrong.

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