A Memo to Congressman Baca

Published in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

Although President Bush initiated the Iraq War under false pretenses, we have invested so much blood, time and money in the conflict that setting a set pullout date is utterly irresponsible. Becoming a paper tiger will only weaken our national security at home and abroad.

President Bush does need to be held accountable, but we should not hold our service members hostage to pull a political maneuver for the 2008 elections. Congressman Baca should understand the consequences of his vote and work for a reasonable compromise that does not harm our troops and does not perceive us as a weak nation to our enemies.

2 thoughts on “A Memo to Congressman Baca”

  1. Dear Matt,

    We need the soldiers home ASP.

    They are in the cross fire of a civil war.

    I dont believe America will be any danger when we pull out of Irag.

    Bush wants us all to live in fear so he can go on with his plans to grab all the oil.

    love jackie x

  2. It is a civil war, but how we pull out is the problem. I dont want people to see us as a weak paper tiger. Osama saw us as one because we left Somalia by cutting and running.

    Yes, people are seeing the charade that the president has shown us. It feels like the children’s book the emperor has no clothes. I dont think we need a set pullout date, but we should have public reviews on what we are doing in Iraq each quarter year and go from there, if there is no meaningful progress then pull out.

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