Returning to T-Mobile

I decided to go for broke by extending my T-Mobile contract until March 30, 2009. I was pondering switching to Sprint for the Motorola Q, but realizing they were going to jack up their data plan price the next month from 15 to 25 dollars. I decided to come back home.

Fnding out that I could keep my existing phone plan eased my worries about replacing my Motorola V180 phone I had since December 2004.

I finally got one thing I have been eagerly awaiting in a mobile phone. A camera. I have worked on practicing my photography and I hope to share some photos on my personal photo gallery website and this blog included.

Since my phone is new I decided to outfit it with some extras. I wanted ring tones from my favorite musical acts, but T-Mobile’s selection was limited. I had to run Audacity and edit a 15 second segment of a tune for my special ring tone that I would have to pay $2.49 for.

If I needed to buy something off T-mobile to make further use of my new Razr V3T Id more likely buy a game of Pac-Man. The included games that were offered in the phone were severely lacking. I know phone makers are talking about convergence, but that is probably a few years away. I will still be carrying a Nintendo DS and a IPOD for a long time.

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