New Food at McDonalds

I decided to visit McDonalds to eat their new item that they are introducing to Southern California restaurants. The Angus Third Pounder and I decided to consume one for lunch today. For $3.99 a hamburger, similar to the Six Dollar burger from Carls Jr you get a thicker hamburger with more toppings. It pales in comparison to Carls Jr, but its a change of pace for the McDonalds chain.

There are three hamburgers:

The deluxe:
angus 1/3rd pound patty, onion, pickle, tomato, letuce and cheese

Bacon and Cheese:
Cheese, onion, pickle, bacon and the angus 1/3rd pound patty

and lastly Mushroom & swiss:
Swiss cheese, saluted mushrooms and the angus 1/3rd pound patty

I selected the Bacon and cheese, I felt the hamburger needed more toppings for it to be sufficient.

The meal was somewhat satisfying compared to consuming a 10 piece chicken nugget combo, but I felt like I would rather eat a Six Dollar Western Bacon Cheeseburger.

link: Angus Third Pounders @ McDonalds Southern California

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