A new month, a new life…

My bulletin board is finally shut down. After 11 years my BBS system is finally turned off. I gave up one hobby, but my other hobby is just as time wasting as running a Bulletin Board System. It was great having 20 plus calls a day back in 1996, but it slowly became not as futfilling overall.

I am learning Microsoft Excel right now. In 2002 I learned the minor features of the program such as learning how to make bar graphs and other useful features at UC Riverside, but I frogot the fundamentals over the years and it is better to redisover the software instead of just trying to wing it at a workplace. If I choose to take the class for the full 16 weeks it will end in June. I will likely try to snag a spot in the second half of the class as soon as I can. I will also take either Microsoft Word or a typing class to improve my career opportunities.

On the movie watching front, I rented two dogs. American Dreamz was convoluted and a waste of time, and Sarah Silverman’s Jesus is Magic was average, but not as bad as a Margaret Cho dvd.

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