Congressman Miller does deserve scruitiny

Ethics has been an important issue that has dominated the political debate since the 2006 election. We deserve to have representatives that conduct themselves professionally in their public and private lives. Congressman Miller does have a right to earn a profit outside of congress, but the way he has conducted his transactions for the land for his developments has caused scrutiny.

There is a reason why the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin and the Los Angeles Times have published stories about the congressman’s real estate dealings. Congressman Miller manipulates the system by making cities buy out his properties under eminent domain where he avoids paying capital gains taxes. Congressman Miller also has done what defeated Congressman Pombo of Northern California was rightfully criticized for by writing earmarks to benefit properties that he owns such as the Diamond Bar Village.

Unfortunately due to California’s abhorrent redistricting the voters of the 42nd Congressional District are stuck with him until we have new legislative maps in 2012. One should be celebrated for making money by playing by the rules, and rightfully criticized for not following the rule of law.

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