California Republicans and the future

The California Republican Party is 4.6 million dollars in debt and a new team of leaders is being elected today in Sacramento. We have lost our incumbent Secretary of State, one congressional seat
and made no progress towards gaining new seats in the state legislature. Problem is the California Republican Party is irrelevant to today’s California.

Tom McClintock may have the right views on the infrastructure, immigration and the economy compared to Governor Schwarzenegger. However the Democratic party rightfully attacked McClintock on his social issues. McClintock is outside the mainstream on social issues and the Democratic party rightfully told the voters how wrong he was on abortion and other contentious issues.

Californians do find McClintock and the Republican message as a very positive message, but California is turning increasingly blue. Perhaps the state party does not want to compromise to attain political power in the state legislature. If our party fails to gain ground in 2008 perhaps the Pete Wilson, California Republican League and Log Cabin Republicans deserve a chance to lead the party in 2010.

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