Gulliani for President

I am happy to support Rudolph Gulliani at this present time for president. Not that many Republicans in my county will support him right now, but I am not afraid to be a trend setter for the future. Governor Schwarzenegger proved that you do not have to totally fit the party mold to be elected as a Republican and I personally did better in the polls than the last two candidates running for State Assembly in my district.

Rudy is winning over people by reaching out to people from the base who have clout in determining who becomes nominated in the general election. Gulliani wants to make sure states not the federal government have influence on issues like abortion. Perhaps the reason why Gulliani is leading in the polls currently is because he has leadership skills that will help us navigate the problems we face today.

Naturally its going to be rare that we will agree on all the political issues of the day. We can not afford to alienate people because we disagree on one or two key issues. That was one of my faults in the 2002 election. We have to build colliations in order to attain success. You do not need to fake being what you are not to be successful.

As long as Gulliani does not capitulate to the Democratic party, but instead offers pragmatic solutions to America’s problems we will be in good hands.

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