I have figured out that I need to do something before I finally become old. I decided to attain new job skills. It is indeed honorable to earn a Bachelor’s degree in a subject, but the most important thing that should be understood is you need a degree where you can realistically get a job. Which caused my most serious mistake that ended up costing me $11,200 with me still owing $9,000.

Political Science is nice, but honestly I do not have the right political blend to get hired on with today’s California Republican legislators. I could talk a good game, but I need to reach out to the real world first before I seriously jump into the political arena. Working retail is not going to get me anywhere so that is why I am learning MS Office starting with the Excel program. I have decided that working in a office processing data would probally be a more logical type of employment for myself.

Class registration begins on Friday and I hope to order my textbook and my Office 2007 Premium program on the same day. I can not live working retail part time and playing a massively online role playing game all my life. The future is coming fowards.

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