Bright Young Things

It seems I am becoming more reflective about the time I wasted playing the MMO Final Fantasy 11. After graduating from UC Riverside I had free time during the summer of 2003 so I signed up for the NVidia drawing for Final Fantasy 11 beta discs. Luckily then I was a winner and got hooked into the crack which became my bane for the last three years.

I was ready to quit the game to enter graduate school, but my lecturers failed to send letters of recommendation even though they promised which prevented me from entering a masters program. Because I was not able to attend graduate school I continued on my addiction. I still have the same job I had through college because I was never motivated to find a better job because I was playing Final Fantasy 11 for over 35-50 hours a week.

I have been relatively fortunate in Final Fantasy 11. I can reach the top areas from the first two expansion packs, I have attained some of the best virtual gear for my in game character. However the one thing I wanted to do the most was actively camp the three kings that hundreds of people camp religiously in game. Even if I did not annoy some particular individuals in the server I have played since December 2003, my time to actively played has been reduced. We can state that my “imperial phase” is indeed over. My twilight of playing Final Fantasy 11 is indeed coming forth.

People have indeed balanced full time professional jobs like firefighter and educator and played Final Fantasy 11. But I do need to find new pursuits of leisure.

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