2006 In Review

Hello. It is almost 2007. Time does fly away like a bird. I am selling my unwanted books, movies, music and electronic gadgets to make some spare change. It is delightful when you are able to clean your room or your home and make some spending money.

My Bulletin Board System has been alive since Summer 1995, but it seems BBSing is in the decline. I am giving it one more chance before I surrender.

I did do something good in 2006. I established Inlandutopia as my sandbox for Internet activity. Why pay $25 a year per blog at Livejournal when I could operate as many blogs as my traffic and storage can last for $70 a year and get a spiffy web address at Siteground.com? 40gig of space and 900gb of bandwidth what else can you ask for?

I found out that I need to visit a specialist for my allergies which have been worse by the years. It seemed visiting the Excalibur hotel and feeding the same amount to the vending machines lasted longer than my visit to the primary care doctor.

I also learned that I need to get off my duff and start looking for a full time job. The holiday season is ending and there is time for me to find a worthwhile job that pays twice what I am currently making now part time. Paying off my student loan in the next three years is my goal.

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