Fun with e-commerce

I think I am not going to be suckered into the free shipping deals when I buy stuff online these days. I ordered an ipod from Target and it took two extra days to be delivered to my home because it had to go to a routing station forty miles away from home even though the place it was sent was only ten minutes away. This was the reason why I canceled my Circuit City order for Final Fantasy XII.

If I was being charged interest I would not want this purchased factored into my credit card. However I am going to give them two weeks chance before I bug them again since I have no interest offer for the next three and a half months.

I also understand that being a call center employee is tough enough. I have a voice that is rather quite low. Even when I speak up high the first guy I called still wanted to hang up on me. That is the only time I would like to be disrespectful. However I try to work with the system to make their lives a bit easier.

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