A Republican Strategery for the future

Political goal…

Federal Republicans are going to suffer due to the 2006 elections. A new agenda will be needed for the Republicans to get back in the good graces of the American voter. We need to figure out how to stabilize Iraq while not cutting and running at a moment’s notice. We need to encourage our troops to stay signed up in a volunteer military by giving them the same pay increase we gave our generals.

We need to seriously focus on alternative energy while using the resources we have in the United States. Environmentalism under the Democratic party only leads us to being subservient to the Middle East and countries not friendly to the United States. We should use our resources in the United States as long as our nation makes progress towards energy independence.

We also need to be forceful about illegal immigration and the security aspect about our border. We should make sure our new citizens are integrated to American society so we do not have a civil war as in France where the Muslims are rioting against the native population. President Bush and the Democratic party do not care about securing our borders, however I will make sure this issue will not receive lip service. Also if we do not want people fleeing Central and South America we should do our best to fix up their economies so there would be a reason for the people to stay.

We need to focus on the bread and butter issues before we go on wedge issues that divide the people of our nation. As what President Bush said in the past “I am a uniter, and not a divider”, this time we shall mean it.

The new agenda is populist, inclusive and sensible. Stay tuned.

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