Election 2006

The federal election will likely be a tossup. I am hopeful that the Republicans still attain their majorities. However I want the worst of both parties eliminated. I mean Marilyn Musgrave and  John Doolittle in the Republican party. For the Democratic party I would like Jack Murtha removed. I think voters need to clean house and make sure we have a mainstream government that represents the best of what our country has to offer.

For California politics, I am not pleased that our governor is so similar to his opponent. And for Secretary of State we have people running with critical flaws, Bowen believes you do not need an ID to vote so basically I could go to Marina Del Rey and vote as her spouse if I wanted to. McPherson believes that Diebold does not need any checks and balances with their electronic voting machines. Jerry Brown is so flawed about law and order, that I am using a clothespin on my nose to vote for Poochigian because he stands far better for law and order. For Lt.Governor, McClintock’s views on everything except fiscal issues is basically abhorrent to most Californians. However if we get rid of McClintock from the state senate maybe we could elect Keith Richman to the State Senate and that would be a plus for all of California. Treasurer I feel sorry for Claude Parish, I am going to vote for him because he has so many good ideas about improving the state’s fiscal picture and he has more experience and education about high finance compared to his opponent.

There is more to come in Election 2006.

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