San Bernardino County needs IRV

For the election of the Superior Court we have to endure a very costly runoff election because no one won 50% plus one in the June election. For Office Number 4 in San Bernardino County two devoted Deputy District Attorneys have to run against each other wasting time and valuable money again.

During the previous election 3 candidates ran for the juridical race leaving it impossible to get the 50% needed. However if the voters of the second and third place candidates were able to choose their second choice vote then we would be able to conduct a runoff vote in the first election.

As mentioned in my recent October letter to the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin implementing IRV in San Bernardino County would be a very integral reform for county politics. Aside from not having to spend extra money conducting runoff elections, candidates and their supporters would not likely conduct negative campaigns because they would not want to alienate potential second choice voters.

San Bernardino county already utilizes a vendor that is able to handle Instant Runoff elections. San Bernardino county is able to utilize IRV because they are not governed by general law, but they utilize a county charter. For the 2008 election our county supervisors should place an IRV measure on the next ballot.

Politicians should spend the bulk of their time doing their job instead of having to have an extended campaign season.

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