Williamson for Assessor

The Inland Utopia announces that Donald Williamson is Matthew Munson’s official choice for San Bernardino County Assessor.

Why vote for Donald Williamson? Donald Williamson is experienced and more qualified than Supervisor Bill Postmus.
Although both candidates are not superior, Williamson is the best of the bunch despite his flaws. Postmus has sent mailers attacking Williamson about his numerous sexual harassment problems, but the county board of supervisors has failed on the Colonies development on Upland which will cost 400 times more than it cost to resolve the sexual harassment charges of the incumbent.

It sounds rather absurd that someone who is a leader of a legislative body wants to down grade to a lower grade office. I agree with the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin that it strikes suspicion that Supervisor Postmus has failed to answer the question about his reasons why he wanted to become our next assessor. All politicians deserve to be observed with an eagle’s eye about the activities they participate in government.

Postmus is just as experienced as an assessor as Jerry Brown if he would become Attorney General. Elect someone with real experience as San Bernardino County Assessor November 7.

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