Jessica’s Law (Proposition 83)

Jessica’s Law is inspired by a nine year old girl named Jessica Lunsford, who was murdered by a repeat sexual offender. In Florida they passed legislation to make sure sexual offenders do not harm the children of their state. There has been a nationwide effort to get similar legislation passed across our country.

In California legislation written by Republicans have been held back by Assemblyman Mark Leno, an apologist for sex offenders. This is why the husband and wife legislator team Sharon and George Runner proposed a signature gathering effort to put the collection of laws into Proposition 83.

The proposition is a worthy endeavor, however there are flaws in the system. The 2000 feet no-live restriction is one of these flaws. Are we going to dump sex offenders to rural and desolate communities where they could cause problems to the residents who live there? Also how will these sex offenders attain gainful employment so they can be productive citizens?

The legislative analysist and director of finance have stated that Jessica’s law is going to cost in the low hundreds of millions to implement. Who is going to pay for this? Our state is broke.

Will we make 18 year old boys lifetime sex offenders for having sex with their 17 year old girlfriends? Will we make streakers, mooners and other minor sex offenses lifetime punishments because they committed a sex crime. Very draconian indeed.

Many provisions of Jessica’s Law are indeed great such as making it a felony to attain underage pornography, which Assemblyman Mark Leno fought to allow.

Jessica’s law also helps to make sure sex offenders do not earn good behavior credit off their sentences, mandatory minimum sentences and other reforms to make sure the youth of our state are safe.

Obviously proposition 83 will likely be passed. However for the rural Californians lock up your doors for all the sex offenders that will be sent to your communities because they railroaded them out.

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