Numb – Review

Pet Shop Boys- Numb [Import]
I decided to plop down $3.50 on the latest Pet Shop Boys single at worldwide Internet music site 7digital. This download package included the original demo of the Dianne Warren penned ballad “Numb”, and two b-sides “Party Song” and “Bright Young Things”. If you don’t like sad songs the b-sides will make you a bit upbeat or even reflective.
“Party Song” is a modern day tribute to those 70’s dance songs that made you want to go dance all night. The song was allegedly offered to Dead or Alive frontman Pete Burns and it seems its rather similar to “Jack and Jill Party”. Fans have mentioned that perhaps the band decided to go ironic with their record company by being sarcastic by having to write an upbeat song for their Fundamental project.
“Bright Young Things” was supposed to be released for the Stephen Fry movie of the same title. However the song does share some of the elements from the movie that was released back in 2004. Time is passing by and the party is going to end soon however you are going to make life last before you end your journey.
“Numb” was the song that hitmaker Dianne Warren wrote about her deceased mother was originally offered to Aerosmith however they rejected it. So Dianne offered it to the Pet Shop Boys for their PopArt project, but it got moved to the Fundamental release. Neil found it weird singing in the American vernacular, but the meaning and feeling still is powerful.
Unfortunately for us Americans you will not be seeing the music video for this poignant song on VH1. The music video uses Russian imagery that is much similar to their “Battleship Potemkin” score production from 2004 which shows the feeling of the bleakness of pain.

For us Americans the music single is dead, however if you want more of the pop craftmanship of the Pet Shop Boys download the song today.

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