I was bamboozled

I was probably a conservative idealist about the war in Iraq with my columns in the Highlander. The war in Iraq was a fraud just as much as our adventures in Vietnam. I am indeed ashamed that I never realised that the Republican party actually fails on foreign policy just as much as the Democratic Party. Former president Jimmy Carter helped give the North Koreans nuclear weapons under former President Bill Clinton’s leadership. While President W Bush and his staff wants to figure out where do we want to start aggressions on. There was complete justification for the war in Afghanistan. However Iraq, despite Saddam’s genocide of the Kurds and mismanagement of the oil for food funds was not a reason for us to attack Saddam. Of course there is a ‘free’ government in Iraq now, but Iraq is so destabilized where our solders and so many innocent Iraqi civilians are dead by the day. Unless Kuwait or Israel was attacked by Iraq there should not been a reason for us to attack Iraq.

Maybe we need a Democratic congress in the next session to provide some checks and balances so stuff would have a loyal opposition so there would never be a blank check. Gridlock is a good thing, a unified government only creates chaos.  

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