Sam Crowe for Ontario, California City Council

Despite political parties getting into non partisan political races in California. I have to go across the aisle to support Sam Crowe for my second vote for the Ontario City Council. If Supervisor Postmus could endorse a Democratic party member for the local water agency. I could do likewise as long as the candidate reflects good public policy positions.

Sam Crowe is an attorney who lives and has his business in the city of Ontario. He has prior experience in the planning commission and the city council in a prior stint. I recently received a flyer describing some of his policy prescriptions to make Ontario a better place to live and do business.

Ontario is doing great attaining new businesses and leisure opportunities. I applaud council members such as Alan Wapner for leading the way for them. However if our city is growing we need more effective public services. Code enforcement to make sure our city does not become blighted, a new hospital to help injured and sick people during the critical emergency response time. He lastly added that we need practical solutions for Ontario’s homeless problem. I appreciate Sam for acknowledging the issue that we face in our community. I believe we should work together with businesses, faith groups and governmental organizations in order to bring hope to the homeless.

I also agree with Sam that the city council should not silence their opposition during the ballot statement process. Ballot statements should not cost $2840, there should be an online ballot statement opportunity for voters with Internet access for a fraction of the cost. The city and the county used to eat the majority of the cost to pay for this information however there should be some balance between the old price and the new price of voter information.

I endorse Sam Crowe for council.

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