The dslextreme chronciles

DSLEXTREME was a great internet service provider until they started to stink since early September 2006. I was a five year plus customer of theirs. They provided great dialup service and since I was a student I wanted fast internet for school I decided to switch to DSL. DSL was great and I did not have any major inconveniences until now and I was very disappointed.Basically my service was non functional and non working. I tried calling their help desk and I had enough of the busy signals and condescending answers that did not get me anywhere so I decided to switch to cable internet. The price of $47.95 is slightly better than the $51.85 I used to pay with DSLEXTREME, and if I bundle my services l will have a cheaper price for cable television. However Dish Network (Echostar) has not failed me yet, but the constant price increases make their service just as expensive as cable television back in 2000.

Maybe Dslextreme is growing too big to maintain their user base. I only have one complaint about their cancelation policy; I terminated my service on September 27. My service is for September 1 to September 30. It seems I should be entitled to the $6.91 in unused service because I do not have a dsl signal anymore and its unused service because I am deactivated. I understand I have to pay to ship the loaned dsl adapter and I have no problem with that, but even after reading the terms and services agreement I see nothing to justify them stiffing me the $6.91.

Right now I am a cable internet customer until I move out of my residence and I like it and feel it serves my end user needs.

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