My Addiction

I have a confession. I have an addiction. It is to online multiplayer games. I was given a free copy of the Final Fantasy 11 beta right after I graduated from university and it became my drug. Online games are great in moderation, however dedicating one third of my life in the last three years is a bit too much. Playing Final Fantasy 11 is distracting myself from the real world and I need to express to the world that I am here to play and I am here to stay.

Maybe I am glad I did not get into graduate school. Even if those two instructors at UC Riverside gave letters of recommendation to me at California State University Los Angeles I would of been saddled with another fifteen thousand of student loan debt. I should of channeled my energy from entering a virtual world to succeeding in the real world.

Right now my current projects will be the following:

1. The California Elections Podcast, the voter guide on the initiatives and state wide candidates.

2. Putting out my resume.

3. Studying for the subject test so I could eventually work on a secondary education credential.

The real world awaits.

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