Politics is a jigsaw puzzle.

Politics has been a crazy science for me to master. For greater success in your chosen political party you need to subscribe to the ideas of the base of your party. Sometimes it is impossible to perfectly fit in either party. Even if you subscribe to the majority of your political party’s ideas there are certain issues that make or break your success in the party. Joe Lieberman lost his party’s nomination for US Senate because he is not an anti-war proponent, while in San Bernardino County I am not received warmly due to my liberal social views in the Republican Party.

I honestly find more in common with the Republican Party than the Democratic Party, I hear cries from the base telling me to go to the Democratic Party. However I would be ping ponged back to the Republicans because I do share many of the core beliefs of the party that the Democrats would find objectionable.

Democrats want us to forget about September 11. They think if we do not do anything to the people who attacked us on that fateful day we will have world peace. The Islamic radicals will only find us pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan as a sign of weakness just like how we pulled out of Somalia.

I understand that we need secure borders if we want to protect our country from Islamic fundamentalism, drug dealers and people who do not follow the rule of law. We have too many people exploiting the generosity of our nation. I believe that we need to phase out the awarding of citizenship to children of parents who are both illegal. We should tighten up our immigration standards as other nations such as the United Kingdom have done.

I find that the minimum wage hurts the lower class just as much as it does to help them. Businesses will only just raise prices to compensate for the mandate on worker costs. The minimum wage should be used however it should not be as high as what the labor unions would expect it to be.

I believe that we as Californians have placed so many governmental programs on credit and we need to stop using bonds as the answer to all our problems. I agree with the legislative Republicans that we need to pay as we go for most of the priorities we need to repair our infrastructure.

It is impossible to agree entirely on a political party’s agenda. I think my audience has been a bit disheartened for me explaining what is wrong with the Republican Party in California and the United States. However there is a time when I should accentuate the positive. Even though I disagree with the party’s beliefs on moral issues, I applaud the party for being honest instead of trying to have it both ways like Democratic party chairman Howard Dean.

I welcome your comments. Even if you disagree with me articulate arguments are welcomed.

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