Ontario, California politics

I know there was bad blood in the mid 1990’s with many Ontario residents with several members of the city council such as Alan Wapner, but I feel after opposing him in two elections with the Acker faction that I was wrong after Debbie Acker went delusional.

Wapner is an active member of the community and is very responsive to the needs of the constituents. I feel that he deserves another term representing the people of our city.
Local politics is not as divisive as state or national politics so even if a conservative or a leftist was my representative as long as they brought opportunity and effective public services would be my only litmus test.

The only local issue I disagree with Councilman Wapner is the Wal-Mart on Mountain and 5th. I believe it will only make Mountain Avenue clogged like the Montclair Costco warehouse. I hope the Ontario Redevelopment agency find a better tenant that could provide opportunity and not cause a severe intake in traffic congestion.

If there is no way to stop the Wal-Mart development in Ontario. My two suggestions would be to make sure the new Wal-Mart was not a 24/7 location and that shopping cart locks are installed along the perimeter of the shopping center to prevent blight from people who just leave their shopping carts around the surrounding streets of the city.


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